Magnified Healing


Magnified Healing is a  healing that establishes a constant flow of Energy  that develops from Heart to the source and the God through all the spiritual centre to the diamond in the centre of the Earth that creates spiral links and brings grace that encourages the source to move forward which further leads to foundation of Ascension process.

172873_109682665775907_100002025215853_67557_2548253_o-300x187When was Magnified Healing introduced??

This Healing was introduced to Earth in 1983. Previously, it was used in high dimensions by Ascended Masters to assist the Master of Earth and mankind under special divine dispensation. In 1992 under the directional intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Kwan Yin.

How is Magnified Healing related with Kwan Yin?

The name “Magnified” Healing was chosen by Lady Master Kwan Yin. She tells us that she is the spokesperson of God in bringing forward the Humanity at this point of time. She calls this a gift from God and it is not her who has created this but the God. Thus we call this Magnified Healing of God and we cannot call this Kwan Yin’s magnified healing.

5Magnified Healing Lady Master Kwan Yin or Mother Kwan Yin

Lady master Kwan Yin is the master of the magnified healing. She is responsible for honesty and integrity in China. Her name Kwan Shi Yin means “She-who-Hearkens-to-cries-of-the-world”. She is also known as Tara in Tibet and other parts of Asia. She is known as the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. Not just Goddess, she is a Bodhisattva (the enlightened one). Her good quality is Mercy, which means there is more assistance through love than the merit earned. She is in charge of Temple of Mercy in China. She is disciple of Lord Gautam Buddha. She has attained the state of Nirvana and chose to attain in Samsara, the World of Illusions.

Lotus Flower

Lotus was the first Flower brought on Earth. It is one of the oldest Buddhist symbols. It is the symbol of Throne of The Buddha and the Bodhisattvas. It has a significant meaning as the roots and stem giving rise to a beautiful flower in the mud is a symbol of rising of purity and perfection above all. It is most important symbol of Magnified Healing.